A wine for each one

We are convinced that there is a wine for each one, because the wines are alive, and they have personality and character. This special characteristic makes our wines appreciated and valued by lovers of strong and perennial emotions. And we are very proud of sharing with our customers our philosophy of making and living the culture of wine.

Around the world

You can find us in specialized stores in many countries and we have the dream of being present in every country in the world.

How to be a distributor?

If you have a store, wine shop, restaurant or make a national or international distribution, send us an email through the CONTACT form. We will study your proposal, and we will indicate the availability or not to do it according to the zoning we have or we will send it to the nearest distributor. We will do all we can to have a satisfactory and beneficial response to your company.

Where we are?

Välike-Karja 2, Taillinn, 10140 Tel. +372 56 132 351